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Dr. Sos Chifiero is the Founder and President of Malaria Eradication Network – a non-profit and non-governmental organization (an NGO) whose main focus and ONLY objective is the global eradication of malaria.

He is a Natural and Holistic Healthcare Consultant with over thirty years of practical experiences, working in the "malaria jungle" in Africa. He is the author of the books: "The Real Causes And Cure Of Malaria" (2000) and “The SECRETS Of How To Be Malaria-Free For Life!” a.k.a. "The Malaria Eradication GuideBook" (2009) as well as other general Self-Help Natural and Holistic Healthcare publications and articles.

The unique malaria eradication system he developed has a factor which he calls "The Dynamic Coefficient of Success" (dc+os) and is deeply rooted in Natural, Holistic and Complementary Healthcare Therapies. This factor provides the "ESSENTIAL MISSING LINK" (The One Very Powerful Jealously Guarded SECRET) in the current global malaria eradication efforts; and if applied, can become the major positive determinant in dramatically accelerating the tempo and success of these eradication efforts.

Internationally, Dr. Chifiero was the first to conceive and publicly announce the original idea of developing a “Multisectoral Approach For The Eradication Of Malaria” in 1986; and later through his published works in 2000 and 2009. His ideas and concepts were finally adopted by WHO-RBM-UNDP and launched as the “Multisectoral Action Framework for Malaria” on 24 September, 2013 in New York, USA alongside the 68th United Nations General Assembly; as a global prototype for the eradication of malaria.

Dr. Sos Chifiero championed and has remained consistent as one of the foremost advocates and proponents of global malaria eradication efforts since 1986 to date through the use of Natural and Holistic Healthcare remedies, methods and approaches.

“There Is One Thing Stronger Than All The Armies In The World; And That Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come.”
– Victor Hugo

About M. E. N.

Malaria Eradication Network (“MEN”) is a non-profit and Non-Governmental-Organization (NGO) – formed primarily to help accelerate the eradication of malaria globally.

Our flagship Programme is the "Malaria-Free For Life" Project (The MFL Project) which we started in 2001. Under this programme, we have empowered millions of people from various walks of life to achieve the malaria-free status and better health, through the following activities:

Free Sensitization Lectures For Malaria Prevention And Eradication,
Distribution of Free Publications and Learning Resources,
Public Enlightenment Campaigns,
Organization of Natural Healthcare Workshops and Seminars,
Consultancy Services,
Empowering Live Events and Support Programs

While we cater for all categories of people, as a non-profit organization, most of our humanitarian and philanthropic activities are tailored to cater for the most vulnerable persons in our local rural and urban communities who have no one to care for them - children (especially orphans), women and the elderly. We are dedicated to serve all and sundry. It is a Labour Of Love.

Malaria Eradication Network depends on Donations and the Generosity of kind-hearted Individuals and Organizations like you to assist in funding our Life-Saving work of HELPING to make the most vulnerable people who are sick and uncared for or abandoned in our Society, to live Healthier, Happier and More Prosperous Lives and Be Malaria-Free For Life!

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“This workshop introduced me to new spheres of life and I find that I can do a lot more to my life and myself in all areas that were touched by this program. I hope that more people will key into this and know what and what to do about their lives and the success they need in life.”

Uzo S. (Participant No. 959)

“It has been a wonderful experience. The weekend and the sacrifice made have been worth it and I couldn’t have had anything better than this. I just hope I have another opportunity to do the advanced course.”

Luke M. (Participant No. 955)

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