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 "The New Evergreen Academy" Is An MFL - Community Project  Sponsored Initiative.



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Are You Still Wondering Why Malaria Is So Widespread


We are talking of a whopping 112 million people living in slums here - a very

conducive environment for

the onset of

falciparum malaria.

 (plasmodium urbanus)

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April 13, 2008.

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The New



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Natural Forces are the Healers of disease.”

- Hippocrates



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“The true cause of disease arises from an infinite source which is naturally invisible ...; but the effects we call dis-ease, can be perceived, felt or seen by the physical senses manifested as subjective and objective symptom."

- Dr. Sos Chifiero

“Reflections on Man, Diseases and Holistic Healing Techniques

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"You must be the Change you want to see in the World"                                                                                                                                    - Mahatma Gandhi

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 Donate To Help Us Rebuild The Biggest Orphanage And Its Two Schools For Orphans And Abandoned Children In The Niger-Delta; Destroyed By Flood Disaster Since 2012.

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The "Community Orphanage Appeal Fund" - An MFL Project

One of our stated Objectives and Major Activity since our formation in 2001, and which we have been joyfully implementing in various ways and means till date is:

"To Support, Help And Empower The Underprivileged, Impoverished, Disadvantaged, Sick, Abandoned, Forgotten And The Most Vulnerable Persons In Our Famished Communities."

We started offering assistance to the Gilgal Centre Orphanage and its Schools in December 2012, after the devastating Niger-Delta Flood Disaster that overwhelmed them. Now it is time to give these children something better to improve their Health, Education and Overall Wellbeing. It is the reason we need your help and donations now. Please HELP to SAVE a Life Today! DONATE Now! Thank You!

From this year (2015), we started implementing the "Community-Orphanage-Appeal-Fund" of The Malaria-Free For Life Project (The MFL Project) in order to focus on rebuilding "The Evergreen Academy" - An institution that has both Primary and Secondary Schools dedicated only for orphans and abandoned children. These children also deserve a healthy and conducive environment for learning to enable them excel and realize their highest potentials . . . and more. (Please watch the video.)

The Evergreen Academy and The Children Revolutionary Foundation Orphanage are located inside "The Gilgal Revolutionary Centre" in Irri, Isoko-South Local Government Area of Delta State, Niger-Delta, South-South Region, Nigeria.

The Appeal To Rebuild Gilgal Orphanage And School - The Evergreen Academy

The Gilgal Revolutionary Centre was one of those institutions in the Niger-Delta that were severely devastated in the 2012 Flood Disaster; and are today still grappling to rebuild the classrooms and hostels for the orphanage and its schools.

Dateline: October 2015: There are over 200 children in the orphanage and who are attending The Evegreen Academy; their only source of learning and life. They urgently need your help.

This makes The Children Revolutionary Foundation Orphanage and its Schools - The Evergreen Academy, all located in The Gilgal Revolutionary Centre, the biggest institutions for the largest number of orphans and abandoned children in one place in the Niger-Delta of Nigeria without government support, institutional help or corporate assistance.

Support the "Community-Orphanage-Appeal-Fund" Now! Click on the "DONATE" Button on this page to send your donations. Or Call Us: +234 (0) 807 680 0103


From MDGs To SDGs, Our Focus Remains HELPING To Achieve A Better World

   As a non-profit organization, we are committed to ensure that all Donations and proceeds from our activities are now dedicated for the rebuilding of the Gilgal Orphanage and its School. The "Community Orphanage Appeal Fund" has been established for this purpose.

This is our contribution for the effective realization of the United Nations New Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Nos. 3, 4 and 5 in serving Humanity's Greater Good with Love and Compassion around the world.

  • GOAL 3: Ensure Healthy Lives And Promote Wellbeing For All At All Ages

  • GOAL 4: Ensure Inclusive And Equitable Quality Education And Promote  Lifelong Learning Opportunities For All 

  • GOAL 5: Achieve Gender Equality And Empower All Women And Girls

Furthermore, all these efforts are part of our Implementation Of "The Malaria-Free For Life Project" (The MFL Project) - An Effective Malaria Eradication Programme.  We initiated The MFL Project in 2001 as a very effective platform for helping the most vulnerable, poor, sick, ignored, impoverished, disadvantaged and virtually forgotten persons in our famished Communities to overcome the ravages of the malaria pandemic; as well as a means of empowering them to live healthier, happier and more prosperous lives.

Support the "Community Orphanage Appeal Fund" and "The MFL Project" Today. Your contribution will HELP to facilitate the full realization of the United Nations New Vision - "The SDGs" so that working together, we can make Our World a Better, Healthier, Safer, More Prosperous and Happier Place to Live in! 

  Please Help To Rebuild Gilgal Orphanage And School Now!

Enter The Amount You Desire To Donate (In Naira) To The “Community Orphanage Appeal Fund” And Click On The "DONATE" Button. Thank You!

Note: For US Dollar Credit Cards, Fill in the Naira amount equivalent. It is converted to US Dollars automatically. Under "Select payment option", Click on the Mastercard+Visa (US$) Icon. (1US$ = ₦200 approx.)

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You Can Also Call Us: +234 (0) 807 680 0103

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"Giving connects two people, the Giver and the Receiver; and this Connection gives Birth to a New Sense of Belonging."

 -- Deepak Chopra

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Malaria Eradication Network is a non-profit and non-governmental organization (an NGO) that has been established to provide assistance and succour to the less-privileged; and authentic Malaria Eradication Information (SECRETS) for all.

We also give guidance about the best and more reliable options of Natural and Holistic Healthcare interventions in the Prevention, Treatment, Cure and Eradication of Malaria globally.

We have achieved very significant results in these directions.

It Is A Labour Of Love. Read more

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Malaria Eradication Network depends on Donations and the  Generosity of kind-hearted Individuals and Organizations like you to assist in funding our Life-Saving work of helping to make the most vulnerable, sick and people who are uncared for or abandoned in our Society, to live Healthier, Happier and More Prosperous Lives and Be Malaria-Free For Life! Thank You!

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Express Your Love For Humanity


Here is Your Chance To Show Your Love And Compassion For Your Fellow Human Beings; Especially These Children In Need Who Have Nowhere Else To Go And No One Else To Turn To.


They Are The Victims Of The Impoverished And Famished Malaria-endemic Communities of The Niger-Delta Region Of Nigeria. Support The "MFL" Project  Send Your Donation Now By Clicking on the "DONATE" Button Above. Thank You!

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